Vered Hagalil's raising and breeding program

Vered Hagalil is a pioneer in raising and breeding horses.
In the early 1960's Yehuda Avni, the founder of Vered Hagalil  began to enhance pure breed Arab horses together with Gideon Raski
 which was one of the experts for that matter in Galilee during that period,
they were using the farm's wide and fertile land to grow strong and healthy foals
Years later, in the early 1990's we began raising the first pure blood American quarter horses at Vered Hagalil.
The horses sold in the farm now are from Israel's leading blood lines of quarter horses, and gaited horses like the Tennessee walker, Peruvian Paso and Missouri.
We raise our foals in a healthy, loose and carefree way, while using superior nutrition.
 We also take in foals for long stay and supervised upbringing at Vered Hagalil. 
Farm's professional team train's the horses in order to offer our client's loose and strong horses with a positive attitude to man and horse's environment and great riding skills.
At Vered Hagalil you will find good horses for any purpose: ranging from riding school horses, therapeutic riding horse's and show horses in Western style profession's.
We invite you to take interest in our breeding and training program

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