Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic Riding Vered Hagalil

Therapeutic riding is a different and pleasant way of treatment.
The treatment is done in open surroundings and allows patients to feel the freedom of the open space. The horse is used as a therapeutic tool and as a bridge Between therapist and patient.  by Using the horse, the therapist can reach the soul of the patients and affect his behavior, thoughts and emotions Along with psychotherapy, cognitive therapy. the Three-dimensional movement of the horse with Its dynamics simulates a walk of a healthy person. when treating patients who suffer from back problems
Or in patients suffering from CP by riding a horse eliminates their bad gait affected from Their wrong posture. Riding the horse forces the spine, back and shoulder belt Mobility and posture run correctly. Therapeutic riding is suitable for emotional, physiology, behavioral problems, learning disabilities, handicaps, CP and more.

-Therapeutic riding is suitable for all ages.
-certified Guides in Therapeutic Riding

-horses carefully selected according to their good nature
Accessibility and assistive listening devices for the hard of hearing  are available in the riding center

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