Some History

The founder, Yehuda Avni, came from Chicago at the age of 23 and met Yona. They came up north in 1961. His love of horses, good food, nature, and people led him to choose this hilltop overlooking Lake Kinneret and set the tone for the farm's ambience. The area was covered with thorn bushes and boulders, and the process of turning it into a place that could be cultivated and built upon was a long and difficult one. As the years passed, the farm took on its present form, one in which future generations can enjoy the farm facilities, the rooms, the horses, the food, the beautiful surroundings, and a warm, friendly atmosphere, just as Yehuda and Yona envisioned. Yehuda passed away in 2012 but his vision and dreams are carried on by the next generation of the family.


In 1961 they went together to the north to look for a plot in which Judah could establish a farm and fulfill his childhood dream. His love of horses for good food and people guided him to choose this hill overlooking the Sea of Galilee and determine the nature of the farm. The area was covered with thorns and rocks, and turning it into a soil where it was possible to plant and plant was difficult and prolonged, KKL and dedicated workers were very helpful. In the past 50 years, the farm's interior has been designed with the desire that those coming to us enjoy the scenery, the nature of the quiet from the therapeutic horses and the food in a warm family atmosphere.

Until today

Today, the farm employs a select team of people under the management of Hagit Geva Zamir, Livnat in marketing, Dana Segal in invitations, Lenny, Anna, Nofar and Zohar in Kabbalah and invitations, the stable run by the family with a professional and experienced staff. Itai manages the riding school. Therapeutic riding Gil, Helit and Nahora, in the maintenance Avihai Ganon, Avichai, and Meir, & nbsp; In the Avihai rooms with its excellent staff and in the treatment area, a professional treatment department will be coordinated with a team of experienced therapists and of course Yaara Gabouri Avni & And Yona Avni who are always happy to help with everything that is needed and of course meet with the guests, reminisce and recommend special places and people in the area.

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